and I thought I had baggage…

I would be the perfect contestant on “Let’s Make a Deal”, because I always carry so much crap in my bag.

Hungry?  I have a snack.

Cranky?  I’ve got some Midol.

Cold?  I’m sure I have an extra pair of socks.

Well, now that I have a baby, I’ve got so much more to consider.  Diapers, wipes, an extra outfit for when they poop all over the one they’re wearing…

Ok, picture this…. Newbie mom, struggling with an oversized stroller (that I was told I HAD to have), screaming child, carrying a diaper bag AND a purse… I knew that I needed to pare down, but all of the diaper bags that were cute enough to double as a purse were super expensive.  Here’s my solution (that seems to be working out for at least the last week):

Tote Bag

I got this tote bag at Target for $19.99 and it fits everything and has tons of pockets and compartments.  I’d love to have a fancier option, but for now, this will do.  I’d love to hear other suggestions if you’ve got some…


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