The Grand Canyon

Canyon selfie ;)

Canyon selfie 😉

My husband and I both decided that from now until the time that Amelia starts school, that we should take every opportunity available to travel and explore with her… Even if she is too young to remember any of it.  Easier said than done, no?

No. I always seem to have some excuse as to why this weekend won’t work, but guess what? Who cares.  Just go.

The Grand Canyon was on the list, so that was it!  My mom decided to join us at the last minute so we picked her up along the way.  It was a tight squeeze with all the baby gear, but we made it work, and we are on the road (pardon the pun) to learning how to travel with an infant.

The view was unreal.

The view was unreal.

We had dinner at El Tovar which is on the ridge of the canyon.  It reminded me of Disneyland… It was packed with families and kids everywhere. I was worried that Amelia would start to cry at dinner, but there were so many other kids there, it didn’t matter.

The next morning, Giampiero went on a hike into the canyon while my mom, Amelia and I checked out the gift shops. We met up later and started the trek home. Amelia has decided this week that she’s not too fond of the car seat so sitting in the car for more than an hour is hard. She’s happy for a small 10 minute window and then she either wants to eat or sleep. We’re wondering if this is a phase. It’s hard to hear her cry in the car and not be able to really comfort her.  She’s 13 weeks old this week and changing dramatically every week.  Here’s a family photo where she’s crying 😦



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