Bloody Diapers… and other tidbits the hospital failed to warn us about.

When Amelia was born, we were in the hospital for 4 days (we had a planned cesarian).  That’s typically 3 days more than if you have a vaginal delivery.  That’s 3 days more to ask the nurses, doctors and lactation specialists questions before you are unleashed into the cruel world (not really) of parenthood.  There are so many questions when you are a new parent, its hard to fit them all in.

Of course, there are several items that the hospital staff would never let you leave without knowing… such as how to feed your kid, burp them and maybe even how to swaddle.  One thing you’d think they’d warn you about would be that there might be a slight chance that you will find blood in your baby’s diaper.  Right?  Well, we had to learn this the hard way.  First night home.  Three AM diaper change…. BLOOD?  Needless to say, we were on the phone to the hospital within seconds.  I was practically running to get the carseat to dash to the emergency room when the nurse told us to relax.  She said that it was urate crystals (not blood) that show up frequently with newborns and that it was totally normal.  I will spare you the gore of a photo and you can google it if you feel you must.

Amelia is now three months old and that was the only diaper that was ever red (thank God)!  But I think that I’d like to start a petition to get this information on a check list that hospitals are required to hand out upon discharge.  Who’s with me?


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