It’s a Sign of the Times

So, of course I want to do this whole parenting thing right, and I know I probably only have one chance so… I use Google a lot. What did parents do before Google???

My search terms have been…
“Why won’t my baby stop crying”
“Has a baby ever chewed off a nipple”
“Can babies really use sign language”
The answers were “because you’re not doing it right”, “most definitely”, and “yes”!

You’ve probably never heard of this before (my mother-in-law hadn’t), but apparently, babies can learn sign language before they are able to talk and it helps them communicate their needs and feelings. Hard to believe right? I’m not sold yet, but I did just download an app that will hopefully answer some questions. It really just gives you some basic words like hungry, milk, more, mommy and daddy. Amelia is not even four months old, but I’m going to start signing some of these words and see what happens. She seems to be really curious right now. She watches every move we make anyway, so who knows.

I’ll update you all in a few months, but in the mean time, I’d love to hear from anyone who has experience with this!

Here’s our first lesson… the following sign means “more”…

Sign Language More

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