Four Months Old!

Today we had our four month well check at the pediatrician’s office. Here are Amelia’s stats…
Weight 11lbs. 12.5oz (20%)
Height 23 3/4″ (25%)
Head circumference 40 1/2″ (50%)

And here’s her disco moves….


She’s been smiling and interacting with us a ton. If we make a sound to her, she strains and struggles to make a sound back. Then we giggle at her and she smiles a huge grin back at us. She just started to grab toys and try to put them in her mouth and she’s just discovered her tongue. She chews on it inside her mouth. She loves to stand up (with our help) and when she’s laying down she does little crunches to try to push up.
She still gets up about 3-4 times per night to nurse, which I’m told is because she’s in a growth spurt. She sleeps in our bed and has only taken maybe two naps in her crib that lasted about an hour each.
We’re told that we can look forward to laughing and rolling over soon!


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