Losing the Baby Weight

It’s been almost four months since I gave birth and I was promised that if I were to breastfeed, i would lose the baby weight. Hmmm.
I’ve always been pretty thin. All my life I’ve been lucky enough to not have to excercise , but apparently that’s over…

The first week after Amelia was born, I lost 30 lbs.! I thought surely by the second week, I’d be back in my skinny jeans. It might have been the chocolate cake, cookies and crackers I was eating at every waking moment, but that never happened.

So now for plan B. What if I cut out some of the sweets? Nope. That didn’t work. What if I get some excercise? I started walking with the stroller almost daily. The problem with that is that I hate the outdoors and any sort of physical activity (not really).  Actually, I’m getting more used to my now daily-ish walks and really enjoying pushing myself.  I started using an app on my phone called Runkeeper.  It’s great because it’s almost like a game, and I’m very competitve… even if it’s just against myself 😉

I set a goal of losing 15 lbs by the time we leave for Italy in June.  That means that I have about a month and a half to lose ten more lbs. (I’ve already lost 5).

I refuse to post a photo of my belly… maybe I’ll post an “after” pic 😉



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