9 Months Old!

Sleeping like a champ!

Sleeping like a champ!

It’s been pretty challenging to keep this blog updated… just seems like when Amelia is sleeping, there are so many things that NEED to get done… like catching up on reality TV 😉 I apologize. I really do.
But guess what?? My baby is 9 months old and it’s CRAZY how fast she is developing new skills! She is now cruising (walking with the assistance of coffee tables and chairs). She eats three meals a day. She’s starting to “babble” which is so adorable. “babababa” and “da” and sometimes even “ma”. Last night she slept in her own room, in her own crib, all by herself (and slept from 7:30pm until 5:20am)! And although I’m not a morning person, that’s what we call SUCCESS! I think she’s about 19 lbs. We’ll find out for sure at the Pediatricians office next week…


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