This kid!!!

9 Month QT

We had our 9 1/2 month well-check today at the pediatricians office and it couldn’t have gone better!  First of all, she was already caught up with her vaccines, so NO SHOTS TODAY!  Well, except for a tiny flu shot which she handled very well.  Her dad and I both got them as well except for instead of the shot, they gave us the “mist” (which I’d never heard of)!  Apparently, they spray the live flu virus up your nose and it’s not a strong enough dose to give you the flu, but it’s enough to make your body’s defenses “remember” to fight it off if you really get exposed.  Weird.

So Miss Amelia is now 18lbs. 12.5oz.  which is about what we thought.  She’s catching up (statistics-wise) and is now in the 50th percentile!  yay!  She’s 28 inches tall (55th percentile) and her head has a circumference of 45.5 inches (75th percentile).

We were also given the go-ahead to add some additional foods to her diet (the Doctor said she might be getting her first molar)!!  New foods include cheerios, greek plain yogurt, cheese and some pasta or bread (in small doses).  Still no dairy.  And our next appointment isn’t until her first birthday!!!!  I can’t believe that it’s only two months away!

Oh, and yesterday she stood up on her own and stood there for about 2-3 seconds!  WOO HOO!  We are predicting that she will be walking in her tenth month!




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