Losing the Baby Weight

It’s been almost four months since I gave birth and I was promised that if I were to breastfeed, i would lose the baby weight. Hmmm.
I’ve always been pretty thin. All my life I’ve been lucky enough to not have to excercise , but apparently that’s over…

The first week after Amelia was born, I lost 30 lbs.! I thought surely by the second week, I’d be back in my skinny jeans. It might have been the chocolate cake, cookies and crackers I was eating at every waking moment, but that never happened.

So now for plan B. What if I cut out some of the sweets? Nope. That didn’t work. What if I get some excercise? I started walking with the stroller almost daily. The problem with that is that I hate the outdoors and any sort of physical activity (not really).  Actually, I’m getting more used to my now daily-ish walks and really enjoying pushing myself.  I started using an app on my phone called Runkeeper.  It’s great because it’s almost like a game, and I’m very competitve… even if it’s just against myself 😉

I set a goal of losing 15 lbs by the time we leave for Italy in June.  That means that I have about a month and a half to lose ten more lbs. (I’ve already lost 5).

I refuse to post a photo of my belly… maybe I’ll post an “after” pic 😉




I can’t believe that we got this video, but it was the very first time that Amelia laughed.  This was taken about a week ago (she is 4 months old), and SHE HASN’T DONE IT SINCE!  It’s driving me CRAZY!  I know that she will laugh again soon and I’m told that soon she’ll be cracking up at everything.  Parenting is seriously the most gratifying thing that I’ve ever done 🙂

Click on link for amazingly cute video >>>  Amelia’s First Giggle

Amelia's First Giggle

Amelia’s First Giggle

Beer? Yes, please!

My pediatrician told me that drinking one beer a day would help with my breast milk production. I was really hoping that she would recommend a margarita, but alas, it’s only beer ;). Something about the hops? Anyway, I’ve never been much of a beer drinker, but let me tell you, I look forward to it each and every day!

I’m still a little hesitant to drink one in public while I have the baby (people are so damn opinionated and judgey)! I actually ordered one at a restaurant the other day and I had to breastfeed while we were there. I kinda pushed the beer over to Giampiero so people wouldn’t think I was drinking it 😉


Four Months Old!

Today we had our four month well check at the pediatrician’s office. Here are Amelia’s stats…
Weight 11lbs. 12.5oz (20%)
Height 23 3/4″ (25%)
Head circumference 40 1/2″ (50%)

And here’s her disco moves….


She’s been smiling and interacting with us a ton. If we make a sound to her, she strains and struggles to make a sound back. Then we giggle at her and she smiles a huge grin back at us. She just started to grab toys and try to put them in her mouth and she’s just discovered her tongue. She chews on it inside her mouth. She loves to stand up (with our help) and when she’s laying down she does little crunches to try to push up.
She still gets up about 3-4 times per night to nurse, which I’m told is because she’s in a growth spurt. She sleeps in our bed and has only taken maybe two naps in her crib that lasted about an hour each.
We’re told that we can look forward to laughing and rolling over soon!

Her First Trip… Il Suo Primo Viaggio

Look what came in the mail yesterday!  She just so happens to be wearing an Easter bunny suit in the picture.  We had to pull the bunny-eared hood down for the photo shoot so customs wouldn’t mistake her for a rabbit 😉


It’s no surprise that my husband, Giampiero is Italian.  He was born in the U.S., but spent summers in Italy with his brothers and family.  His parents still live in Italy and have been staying with us since Amelia was born, but will be going home in about 3 weeks.  Naturally, Amelia’s first international trip will be to see them (they’ve already voiced their displeasure about being away from her for even a short period of time).  This trip also aligns with a trip my friends are taking to Europe, so it will be fun to meet up with them as well while we’re on our vacation.  We plan on going to Italy and setting up a “home base” with the in-laws and then meeting my friends in Venice and traveling with them to Croatia.  We will be gone for 6 weeks so we’re pretty excited about it.

What I’m NOT excited about is the anxiety of traveling with an infant on an international flight.  Will she cry?  Will she SCREAM?  Will her tiny ears hurt?  And then there’s getting around in Europe.  Do we buy a car seat there?  Take ours?  How much stuff do I bring with me?  The stroller?  Carriers?  Diapers??  Clothes???  Ugg.  SO many questions.  Obviously, I’ll write about it here so you can all (all 3 of you 😉 ) keep up with our adventures.  And of course, any advice is greatly appreciated.

Oh, and did I mention that I don’t speak Italian?  Ive got to work on that 😉





It’s a Sign of the Times

So, of course I want to do this whole parenting thing right, and I know I probably only have one chance so… I use Google a lot. What did parents do before Google???

My search terms have been…
“Why won’t my baby stop crying”
“Has a baby ever chewed off a nipple”
“Can babies really use sign language”
The answers were “because you’re not doing it right”, “most definitely”, and “yes”!

You’ve probably never heard of this before (my mother-in-law hadn’t), but apparently, babies can learn sign language before they are able to talk and it helps them communicate their needs and feelings. Hard to believe right? I’m not sold yet, but I did just download an app that will hopefully answer some questions. It really just gives you some basic words like hungry, milk, more, mommy and daddy. Amelia is not even four months old, but I’m going to start signing some of these words and see what happens. She seems to be really curious right now. She watches every move we make anyway, so who knows.

I’ll update you all in a few months, but in the mean time, I’d love to hear from anyone who has experience with this!

Here’s our first lesson… the following sign means “more”…

Sign Language More

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Modern Lulabies

sleeping baby

I think that every one of us has a picture in their mind of a mother, lulling her baby to sleep with some beautiful, soothing song, right?  Well, I’m a terrible singer and to top it off, I don’t really know any of these songs.  Did I just say that I’m a terrible singer?  Let me revise that statement.  In the car, I’m a ROCK LEGEND.  But in the presence of others, I’m just plain terrible.  My solution is to either sing songs that I make up on the spot, or just regular old top-40 songs.  My husband actually makes up songs where he goes through a list of every condiment that he can think of.  Other times it’s a song about cured meats.  You get the idea.  But me?  I stick to what I know and what suits the situation.  Either way, it works.  Well, sometimes 😉

Here are a few that work for me…

Who’s that girl, running around with poo? (modified from The Eurythmics)

Did ya happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world? And if you did, was she crying, crying? (by Charlie Rich)

Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?  Just like me, they long to be close to you. (The Carpenters)

I won’t share you (by The Smiths)