5 Months Old

I’m a little late posting this (Amelia turned 5 months old on the 18th). She woke up on her birthday with her first tooth! Which explains why I haven’t had time to write… She’s been a bit (a lot) more fussy that usual. In fact, just more than a week later, she already has two teeth and I think is working on her third!
She also rolled over (from back to front) two times on her birthday but hasn’t done it again since.
We have a pediatrician appt this Thursday for her last round of shots before we leave for Italy on the 10th. Oh, and we fed her her first solid food yesterday for the first time… Avocado. She ate a little. Didn’t seem all that excited about it. Maybe she will like bananas better.

I weighed her yesterday and she’s almost 14 lbs! She is not even close to sleeping through the night (although breastfeed babies aren’t supposed to, I’m told). She wakes me up to nurse about every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Ugg. I’m hoping that after we are feeding her more solids, that she will sleep longer.

Here are some photos of her recent adventures…







I can’t believe that we got this video, but it was the very first time that Amelia laughed.  This was taken about a week ago (she is 4 months old), and SHE HASN’T DONE IT SINCE!  It’s driving me CRAZY!  I know that she will laugh again soon and I’m told that soon she’ll be cracking up at everything.  Parenting is seriously the most gratifying thing that I’ve ever done 🙂

Click on link for amazingly cute video >>>  Amelia’s First Giggle

Amelia's First Giggle

Amelia’s First Giggle